WCAI Announces First-of-its-Kind Partnership with International Law Firm, Reed Smith, to Develop Data Science Practices and Bring Unique Data to Student Programming


May 10 2018

The partnership between a law firm and an academic data analytics research center will endeavor to find more sophisticated ways of solving critical business challenges while providing experiential learning opportunities to Penn students. ... Full Story

April 20 2018

Minimize Uncertainty with Analytics

This episode of the Wharton Customer Analyticast, Marketing Chairperson and Professor, WCAI Co-Director Eric Bradlow and Teradata's Kathy Koontz recap a lively discussion at Wharton San Francisco's campus that explored strategies and best practices that can help companies make better decisions using data and analytics. ... Full Story

January 24 2018

In just one month, the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative delivered experiential learning opportunities to students and customized data solutions to businesses through the pilot Analytics Accelerator Challenge. ... Full Story

December 18 2017

Holiday Shopping and Retail Analytics

Wharton Marketing Professors Tom Robertson and Eric Bradlow discuss retail analytics around the holiday shopping season... Full Story

October 11 2017

Wharton Executive Education hosted its first-ever program dedicated entirely to customer analytics in September. The program, aptly named Customer Analytics, is designed to give participants an understanding of the best practices for data collection, the ability to forecast customer behavior, and the skills to translate data into meaningful results to leverage the revenue-producing power of analytics. As a part of the course, Wharton Professor and WCAI Faculty Co-Director Raghu Iyengar moderated a panel discussion featuring analytics leaders from Vanguard and URBN Inc. ... Full Story

October 6 2017

Through PennApps, the world’s largest collegiate hackathon organized by students, WCAI’s Earth Networks portal was incorporated into the development of six new projects.... Full Story

June 7 2017

At an event at Wharton San Francisco, Wharton Marketing Chairperson and WCAI Faculty Director, Eric Bradlow, along with Teradata’s Mo Patel and Mark Swenson, discussed how marketers can derive real meaning from data. The event included marketing and analytics leaders from many global Bay Area firms, as well entrepreneurs.  ... Full Story

April 26 2017

Some of our conference speakers gave us a sneak peek into their presentations for our May 11th event on a special edition of the SiriusXM show, "Marketing Matters." ... Full Story

April 6 2017

"Guess Who"

Listen to Eric Bradlow discuss his latest research on "Anonymous Visits" and how companies can "cash in" on unidentified customer transactions. ... Full Story

February 24 2017

WCAI interviews participants of the annual Buxton Data Challenge Event... Full Story

January 10 2017

Can Google Trends Indicate Brand Health?

Elea Feit talks about her new work that explores the relationship between Google Trends and brand health.... Full Story

November 29 2016

One of WCAI’s continual goals is to strengthen the bridge between academia and industry. We host an annual business analytics career expo to bring together students and industry practitioners who have a specific interest in hiring for business analytics roles. This year, we facilitated a discussion to capture candid dialogue from both sides about the current state of talent recruitment. ... Full Story

November 16 2016

In a unique intersection of academia and industry, WCAI hosted an event that brought an audience of industry practitioners together to hear from a lineup of renowned Penn faculty about analytics in their respective fields.... Full Story

November 1 2016

It's been an amazing fall semester and as we reflect, we're beyond excited to report record student engagement across our technical workshops. ... Full Story

September 7 2016

We're just over a month away from our brand-new conference, "New Frontiers & Opportunities in Customer Analytics;" here's why you should attend. ... Full Story

September 7 2016

Twitter: Political Alchemy?

In our 10th episode of the Wharton Customer Analyticast, our Faculty Director, Eric Bradlow, interviews Wharton's own Pinar Yildirim about her research on the relationship between Twitter and politicians using it to fundraise.... Full Story

August 25 2016

WCAI granted access to data for selected researchers who submitted proposals to the Research Opportunity, "Identifying & Maintaining Great Financial Advisors"... Full Story

August 16 2016

This post originally appeared on Knowledge@Wharton... Full Story

August 16 2016

Let's Talk Attribution

In this episode of the Wharton Customer Analyticast, Colleen O'Neill sits down with Wharton Marketing Professor, Ron Berman to talk about his attribution research. ... Full Story

July 27 2016

Customer Analytics & Voting Behavior

The Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative and WCAI recently co-hosted an event that discussed the opportunities that exist when voting analytics and marketing analytics combine their methods and data. ... Full Story

June 29 2016

Listen to the latest Wharton Customer Analyticast Episode

Special guest, Professor Raghu Iyengar discusses his findings from his recent field experiments. ... Full Story

June 13 2016

Is Your Advertising Working?

Professor Elea Feit, a WCAI Fellow and Marketing Professor at Drexel, discusses why, "Is Your Advertising Working?" is such a hard question to answer. ... Full Story

June 2 2016

Victoria Ditching a Possible Secret Weapon?

Pete Fader discusses whether or not the decision to remove the catalog from the Victoria's Secret marketing strategy was in the company's best interest. ... Full Story

May 20 2016

WCAI's 2016 annual conference, held on April 29, 2016, brought together industry experts with real-world applications that resulted in an event filled with actionable insights and a productive dialogue. ... Full Story

May 19 2016

Measuring Brand Equity

In this episode, Professor Eric Bradlow discusses his most recent research and upcoming paper about measuring brand equity. ... Full Story

April 12 2016

WCAI Research Assistant, Eli Bernstein gives insight into the valuable experience he's gained while working with WCAI... Full Story