Student Programs

Technical Workshops & Online Courses

WCAI offers a range of free, extra-curricular technical workshops and self-guided online courses for MBAs & undergrads to hone their data management skills for internships and future employment.... Read More ➔

Student Data Portal

Students can submit a proposal for unprecedented access to individual-level datasets with real-world business contexts from our corporate partners.... Read More ➔

Data Challenges & Hackathons

Experiential learning opportunities for students through competitions sponsored by WCAI industry partners, including visualization hackathons and case studies.... Read More ➔

Recommended Analytics Courses

For students interested in a technical analytics education, WCAI has a list of the courses we recommend. ... Read More ➔

Student Clubs

WCAI also partners with student clubs to foster analytics-centered treks, hackathons, networking events, conference panels, and more. Additional information available under student clubs section.... Read More ➔

Technical Assistant Program

Working with WCAI, students hone in-demand data management skills.... Read More ➔

WCAI Industry Speaker Series

Lead by top industry leaders, students engage in candid discussion about how customer analytics is driving business insights and innovation.... Read More ➔

Student-Alumni Networking Events

The WCAI network provides opportunities to join analytic discussions and network with Wharton alums in Philadelphia, San Francisco and New York.... Read More ➔