The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative is delighted to announce an exciting new dataset from Equilar, an executive compensation research company The dataset includes information on the executive leadership and board membership of over 9,000 companies and more than 125,000 individuals. Also included are 13 years of executive/board changes and biographies of key individuals. Additionally, there are dozens of variables concerning company characteristics and various board perquisites. Extensive lists of self-identified peer companies are available as well. Finally, details on executive compensation and equity plans, including changes over time, are part of this comprehensive dataset.

Equilar is open to proposals of any area using this data, but potential research could explore:
  •  Board composition or compensation as they might impact company performance
  •  Composition of boards over time, including forecasting board changes
  •  Executive compensation and what impact various vehicles, incentives, and distribution might have on long-term shareholder value
  •  Histories or activities of individual board members and contribution to board composition
  •  Optimal board composition for different stages of company lifecycle
  •  Existence or evolution of networks of boards and board members
  •  Comparison of equity plans and relationship of plans to shareholder value
  •  Peer identification analysis

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