The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative is excited to announce a unique dataset from an International Beauty Retailer that allows for an unprecedented view into how customers’ relationships with a retail brand evolve.

This dataset contains comprehensive customer interaction information for 85,000 randomly selected customers and prospects from 6 different countries, and includes:

  • complete purchase history, tied to individual customers, including offline & online
  • direct mail and email campaigns, addressable to customers, including creatives
  • detailed product hierarchy and store details, including openings & closing
  • responses to customer satisfaction survey
  • complete customer data for 2 full years

The research sponsor sells a unique, exclusive line of beauty products and their ideal customer develops a strong loyalty to particular products or lines of products. This anonymized data will be provided by competitive proposal to 6-10 research teams who want to study these problems (or any others related to the sponsor’s business).

Through this Research Opportunity, the sponsor wishes to better understand:

  • what makes customers “fall in love” with their products
  • ways to expand the relationship by encouraging customers to purchase a broader range of products
  • how direct marketing and promotion affects the evolution of the relationship
  • how to predict when the relationship is in danger of ending
  • methods to recruit and develop more valuable prospective customers

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