The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative is delighted to announce a unique dataset from a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company that allows for an unprecedented view into customer-company interaction. The data contains comprehensive, anonymized individual transaction details such as:

Website visits, including

  • account balances
  • deposits/withdrawals/transfers
  • shopping for new financial products

Call center logs, including

  • inbound & outbound call center contacts
  • detailed activity for each call, such as every product or service that was discussed

Direct mail and other marketing campaigns

The research sponsor is interested in predicting major life events that might provide opportunity for more engagement (more products/services) or, conversely, a risk of lost business (shedding of financial products). Examples of major life events might include marriage, divorce, relocation, career change, or job loss. The data contains a record of major life events where possible. For researchers studying this question or others of business value, the sponsor will provide a detailed, anonymized dataset that contains all longitudinal touch points for 100,000 randomly selected customers for a two year period.

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