Since 2008, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has been installing millions of SmartMeters across Northern California for its residential gas and electricity customers. These meters measure and report electricity and gas use at daily, hourly, or 15 minute intervals, enabling customers to better understand their energy usage and find ways to save on their energy bills. For example, SmartMeters make it possible for PG&E to implement electricity rates that vary by time and provide customers with granular usage information that they can take action on. PG&E encourages research that will provide insight into how the SmartMeter platform might be used to engage customers, reduce energy consumption, and offer customers appealing alternative pricing schemes.

The data will include energy usage for 30,000 residential customers across Northern California over 36 months—January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2011. Prior to SmartMeter installation, customers’ energy usage is available on a monthly basis, and post-installation, at daily, hourly, or 15-minute intervals. In addition to energy usage data, information will be provided about energy efficiency rebates, demand response programs, and special rate plans that were available to these customers. The data also presents a unique opportunity for those who wish to study customer relationship management (CRM) practices in a novel setting. It will combine energy usage data with traditional CRM information such as billing, outbound marketing communications, call center interactions, help ticket submissions, and sociodemographic information.

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