WCAI is offering a new and exciting research opportunity sponsored by a leader in the financial services industry. Lincoln Financial Group offers a diverse range of financial products ranging from life and long term care insurance to annuities and defined contribution. This rich dataset contains individual records for financial advisors and agents selling their products, including 8 years of sales transactions. More specific details include:

  • Over 3 million individual sales transactions
  • Over 17 million individual wholesaler-advisor interactions and activities
  • Third party marketing and financial services industry data profiling over 300,000 advisors and prospects, including additional demographic data and competitor affiliations
  • Expense data for product distribution and licensing
  • Self-reported summary data on financial advisors

Lincoln Financial Group is open to a variety of research questions, but is particularly interested in predicting and exploring the lifetime value of financial advisors and agents. The data provides a unique opportunity to explore the effects of an advisor’s interaction with Lincoln on future productivity, as well as identify and evaluate potential new advisors. New approaches to “scoring” and segmentation based on product sales and other characteristics of an advisor profile are also encouraged.

To learn more about the data and business context, interested faculty, researchers and doctoral students can attend a live webinar on May 20th, 2016 at 1PM ET. During the webinar, details of the data will be described and executives from the project sponsor will be available for Q&A. The webinar will also be archived for those who can’t attend live.

After the webinar, interested researchers can submit proposals on the WCAI website by June 12th, 2016 to receive access to the data. Proposals will be evaluated based on their potential for academic contribution and the researcher’s ability to address issues of strategic importance to the program sponsor.