When a major disaster hits, the American Red Cross www.redcross.org is there to provide relief to those in need. “Disaster donors,” the generous people who give in response to disasters, are kept on file with the American Red Cross after their first donation. Moving forward, the American Red Cross makes ongoing appeals to them, asking them to contribute to a variety of programs, such as those focused on helping Americans prepare for disasters (i.e. community emergency response training). The American Red Cross, as well as non-profit organizations in general, have had difficulty converting disaster donors into long term donors; less than 30% of American Red Cross disaster donors give a second time. Finding effective strategies to cultivate longer relationships with this large group of donors would significantly impact the American Red Cross, and potentially the entire non-profit industry. The American Red Cross and Russ Reid www.russreid.com, the nation’s largest marketing and communications firm for non-profits, are sponsoring a WCAI Research Opportunity. The American Red Cross will be providing a data set with complete donation histories going back to 2006, as well as records of direct marketing efforts targeted at over 500,000 donors. Details on the wide variety of creative executions for appeals delivered to these donors will also be provided.


Data Diving For A Good Cause
Customer Analytics: A New Lifeline for the Red Cross and Other Non-Profits
Using Data To Help Convert American Red Cross “Disaster Donors”
WCAI Applies A Unique Approach to Creating Academic-Industry Research Partnerships

Note: This Research Opportunity is closed for proposal submissions. 

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