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Unlike past WCAI programs, which focused (primarily) on providing access to data, this program will put researchers in direct collaboration with professionals at the company.  This close-working relationship will allow researchers to benefit from the prior experience of the company’s data science team and work with them to identify the ideal data assets to support the project and quickly resolve issues as they arise. It may also allow the opportunity to prospectively test new strategies and algorithms live in EA’s systems. While these projects will involve regular meetings with EA, they are not intended to be consulting projects. Both WCAI and EA are interested in developing innovative, implementable methods and publishing paper(s) co-authored by the researchers and EA data scientists.

The corporate partner seeks proposals in two areas: multi-touch attribution and product recommendations. The attribution project will focus on determining advertising response from the type of clickstream data typically available to an advertiser. The product recommendation project will focus on a subscription service where users have unlimited access to games. The goal is to develop a tool that will suggest new games to users to keep them engaged in the platform. More details for both projects are included in the project briefs below. EA seeks novel solutions and is open to innovative approaches to these problems that are scalable and will improve business outcomes.

WCAI will host a live webinar on March 30th at 12 PM ET /9 AM PT.  During the webinar, data scientists from EA who are actively working on these problems will be available to answer questions live. After the webinar, research teams are invited to submit proposals that sketch out a novel approach to the problem.

A small number of project teams will be selected jointly by a committee of academics and EA data scientists and will be introduced directly to EA to pursue the project. WCAI will provide assistance with data management and logistics throughout the project.

For this highly competitive program, research applicants should expect a more extensive application process than past WCAI Research Opportunities, the details of which will be discussed during the webinar.  

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Project Briefs

The corporate partner seeks proposals in two areas: multi-touch attribution and product recommendations. Click the “+” to reveal details about each project.