May 8 2019
May 10 2018

The partnership between a law firm and an academic data analytics research center will endeavor to find more sophisticated ways of solving critical business challenges while providing experiential learning opportunities to Penn students. ... Full Story

April 20 2018

Minimize Uncertainty with Analytics

This episode of the Wharton Customer Analyticast, Marketing Chairperson and Professor, WCAI Co-Director Eric Bradlow and Teradata's Kathy Koontz recap a lively discussion at Wharton San Francisco's campus that explored strategies and best practices that can help companies make better decisions using data and analytics. ... Full Story

April 10 2018

Meet the R-Ladies Philly

WCAI sat down with two organizers of the Philadelphia Chapter of the R-Ladies Initiative to learn more about what they do and how people can become involved with this program. ... Full Story

January 25 2018

Squishy Numbers and New Projects

In this episode of the Wharton Customer Analyticast, Drexel Marketing Professor Dr. Elea McDonnell Feit talks about three data analytics methods and practices you can implement in the new year. ... Full Story

January 24 2018

In just one month, the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative delivered experiential learning opportunities to students and customized data solutions to businesses through the pilot Analytics Accelerator Challenge. ... Full Story

January 19 2018

The Initiative is searching for a new Executive Director to take the organization to the next level, and beyond. ... Full Story

December 18 2017

Holiday Shopping and Retail Analytics

Wharton Marketing Professors Tom Robertson and Eric Bradlow discuss retail analytics around the holiday shopping season... Full Story

November 30 2017

Wharton Customer Analyticast: How to be a Data-Driven Business

In this episode of the Wharton Customer Analyticast, we recap our industry-led panel discussion from our Analytics Accelerator Summit. Our three panelists offer advice for businesses early on their analytics journey. ... Full Story

October 11 2017

Wharton Executive Education hosted its first-ever program dedicated entirely to customer analytics in September. The program, aptly named Customer Analytics, is designed to give participants an understanding of the best practices for data collection, the ability to forecast customer behavior, and the skills to translate data into meaningful results to leverage the revenue-producing power of analytics. As a part of the course, Wharton Professor and WCAI Faculty Co-Director Raghu Iyengar moderated a panel discussion featuring analytics leaders from Vanguard and URBN Inc. ... Full Story

October 6 2017

Through PennApps, the world’s largest collegiate hackathon organized by students, WCAI’s Earth Networks portal was incorporated into the development of six new projects.... Full Story

September 14 2017

Harnessing the Power of Weather Data

Special guest Anuj Agrawal, Chief Marketing Officer of Earth Networks, discusses the power of weather data and its applications with WCAI Research Director Brandon Krakowsky. ... Full Story

June 27 2017

The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative is pleased to announce a new partnership with Earth Networks, owners of the world’s largest hyperlocal weather networks, to provide access to highly advanced weather intelligence and lightning data to Penn students and faculty. ... Full Story

June 7 2017

At an event at Wharton San Francisco, Wharton Marketing Chairperson and WCAI Faculty Director, Eric Bradlow, along with Teradata’s Mo Patel and Mark Swenson, discussed how marketers can derive real meaning from data. The event included marketing and analytics leaders from many global Bay Area firms, as well entrepreneurs.  ... Full Story

April 26 2017

Some of our conference speakers gave us a sneak peek into their presentations for our May 11th event on a special edition of the SiriusXM show, "Marketing Matters." ... Full Story

April 6 2017

"Guess Who"

Listen to Eric Bradlow discuss his latest research on "Anonymous Visits" and how companies can "cash in" on unidentified customer transactions. ... Full Story

February 24 2017

WCAI interviews participants of the annual Buxton Data Challenge Event... Full Story

January 10 2017

Can Google Trends Indicate Brand Health?

Elea Feit talks about her new work that explores the relationship between Google Trends and brand health.... Full Story

November 29 2016

One of WCAI’s continual goals is to strengthen the bridge between academia and industry. We host an annual business analytics career expo to bring together students and industry practitioners who have a specific interest in hiring for business analytics roles. This year, we facilitated a discussion to capture candid dialogue from both sides about the current state of talent recruitment. ... Full Story

November 16 2016

In a unique intersection of academia and industry, WCAI hosted an event that brought an audience of industry practitioners together to hear from a lineup of renowned Penn faculty about analytics in their respective fields.... Full Story

November 1 2016

It's been an amazing fall semester and as we reflect, we're beyond excited to report record student engagement across our technical workshops. ... Full Story

October 26 2016

Why is a Business School Teaching MBAs Stats & Code?

In this episode of the Wharton Customer Analyticast Statistics Professor, Richard Waterman, talks about the shift in the MBA curriculum to a more technically driven curriculum. ... Full Story

September 7 2016

We're just over a month away from our brand-new conference, "New Frontiers & Opportunities in Customer Analytics;" here's why you should attend. ... Full Story

September 7 2016

Twitter: Political Alchemy?

In our 10th episode of the Wharton Customer Analyticast, our Faculty Director, Eric Bradlow, interviews Wharton's own Pinar Yildirim about her research on the relationship between Twitter and politicians using it to fundraise.... Full Story

August 25 2016

WCAI granted access to data for selected researchers who submitted proposals to the Research Opportunity, "Identifying & Maintaining Great Financial Advisors"... Full Story

August 16 2016

This post originally appeared on Knowledge@Wharton... Full Story

August 16 2016

Let's Talk Attribution

In this episode of the Wharton Customer Analyticast, Colleen O'Neill sits down with Wharton Marketing Professor, Ron Berman to talk about his attribution research. ... Full Story

July 27 2016

Customer Analytics & Voting Behavior

The Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative and WCAI recently co-hosted an event that discussed the opportunities that exist when voting analytics and marketing analytics combine their methods and data. ... Full Story

July 5 2016

"Purchase, Play, and Upgrade Data for Video Game Players" data has been awarded to researchers.... Full Story

June 29 2016

Listen to the latest Wharton Customer Analyticast Episode

Special guest, Professor Raghu Iyengar discusses his findings from his recent field experiments. ... Full Story

June 13 2016

Is Your Advertising Working?

Professor Elea Feit, a WCAI Fellow and Marketing Professor at Drexel, discusses why, "Is Your Advertising Working?" is such a hard question to answer. ... Full Story

June 2 2016

Victoria Ditching a Possible Secret Weapon?

Pete Fader discusses whether or not the decision to remove the catalog from the Victoria's Secret marketing strategy was in the company's best interest. ... Full Story

May 20 2016

WCAI's 2016 annual conference, held on April 29, 2016, brought together industry experts with real-world applications that resulted in an event filled with actionable insights and a productive dialogue. ... Full Story

May 19 2016

Measuring Brand Equity

In this episode, Professor Eric Bradlow discusses his most recent research and upcoming paper about measuring brand equity. ... Full Story

May 16 2016

WCAI is looking for an Associate Director of Corporate Relations & Events... Full Story

May 4 2016

Greg Caiola, WG16 shares his advice to MBAs... Full Story

April 26 2016

Set-Top Tempest Teapot?

In this episode of the "Wharton Customer Analyticast," Co-Director Pete Fader speculates about the implications of President Obama's announcement regarding cable set-top boxes. ... Full Story

April 12 2016

"Measuring Multi-Channel Advertising"

Listen to Professor Eric Bradlow, and WCAI fellow, Professor Elea Feit talk about their most recent paper, "Measuring Multi-Channel Advertising" in the second episode of the Wharton Customer Analyticast. ... Full Story

April 12 2016

WCAI Research Assistant, Eli Bernstein gives insight into the valuable experience he's gained while working with WCAI... Full Story

April 7 2016

At a recent event at Wharton San Francisco, WCAI Co-Directors Eric Bradlow and Pete Fader, together with Bill Franks, Chief Analytics Officer at Teradata, discussed why intelligently compressing datasets should be part of any organization’s analytics best practices. ... Full Story

April 6 2016

Wharton MBA and WCAI Constituent, Daniel Mcauley published a blog post detailing his advice on best resources for anyone looking to become an effective data scientist in the business world. ... Full Story

April 4 2016

The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative (WCAI) continues to help shape the landscape of the customer analytics world. Our day-long conference will be filled with practical applications to demonstrate the real-world impact of analytics on an organization’s strategic decision-making.  ... Full Story

March 22 2016

WCAI has launched a podcast, "The Wharton Customer Analyticast," where we'll have WCAI constituents share different opinions, observations, and speculations about the world of customer analytics. ... Full Story

March 10 2016

The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative with Teradata, hosted a half-day event on the Wharton San Francisco campus.... Full Story

February 11 2016

WCAI Co-Directors Pete Fader and Eric Bradlow sat down to talk about the 2016 annual conference, "Successful Applications of Customer Analytics." ... Full Story

December 17 2015

WCAI Co-director, Pete Fader moderated a panel at the 2015 Wharton Marketing Conference entitled, “The Existing Power of Customer Lifetime Value.” Two completely different industries, dressbarn and Comcast, spoke about the dramatic changes and benefits they have experienced since adopting a customer-centric business model. ... Full Story

December 17 2015

Following her visit, she was interviewed by and talked about Monetate's financial landscape and how the company’s Philadelphian roots have been beneficial in the success of the company.... Full Story

November 12 2015
November 10 2015

Wharton MBA, Daniel McAuley shares his thoughts and reflections from WCAI's Business Analytics Career Expo. He and three other students participated in a student panel in which they discussed the challenges of recruiting and hiring with analytics-focused companies. ... Full Story

October 5 2015
September 21 2015

Research Assistant, Elliot Oblander, writes about his experience here at WCAI. How's he's gained real-world knowledge from working with raw data and the opportunities he's had while working here. ... Full Story

September 4 2015

In a blog post recapping his summer internship at Venmo, MBA candidate, Tom Vladeck, discusses factor analysis and customer analytics. ... Full Story

September 1 2015

Wharton launched a brand new Business Analytics Specialization on Cousera. The specialization is the first comprehensive set of courses designed to explore how data is used to drive better business decisions.... Full Story

August 4 2015

Thanks for joining Friday’s webinar, "Consumer Purchase Histories and Product Supply Data for a Quick Service Restaurant Chain." If you missed the event, you can review the recording at the Research Opportunity page. We are accepting proposal submissions until Monday, August 17, 2015. Full details and announcement below.... Full Story

August 4 2015

Voices, Minds, and Decisions -- Dataset from Bazaarvoice

Yuping Liu-Thompkins and Anh Dang of Old Dominion University were recently awarded the WCAI-sponsored dataset from Bazaarvoice. Yuping, who has worked with WCAI on a number of Research Opportunities, shares her thoughts on key questions regarding the dataset.... Full Story

July 30 2015

Bazaarvoice Data Has Been Awarded

On April 24, 2015 WCAI launched a Research Opportunity with Bazaarvoice, one of America’s largest social marketing companies specializing in user-generated product reviews. Now that proposals are in, we've announced which research teams have been awarded data! ... Full Story

July 27 2015

Diny Hurwitz and Matt Horton co-presented "What Are the Best Indicators of a Baseball Season Seat Holder Renewing Their Season Seats?." Since we had a hefty number of questions and not enough time, Diny agreed to answer some more. ... Full Story

July 16 2015

WCAI is looking for an Associate Research Director to join our team!... Full Story

July 9 2015

Since we had more questions than time during the Q&A sessions, we thought our attendees might like to hear answers to questions that we couldn't get to during the conference. Matt Horton agreed to tackle some of the questions left in our audience queue. ... Full Story

July 9 2015

In a follow-up post after a recent forum on customer centricity, WCAI’s Pete Fader offers some additional thoughts on barriers to achieving this goal, ranging from how firms measure customer profitability vs. cost, to questions on branding and privacy.

The session, which WCAI corporate sponsor Teradata helped bring together, featured lively discussion from practitioners across industries. ... Full Story

July 7 2015

Why do customers hoard loyalty points? In many cases, there is no extra reward for building up a high balance of points in your account, so people should spend their points right away.

Knowledge@Wharton interviews WCAI's Pete Fader to learn more about new research in loyalty programs [Stourmand, Fader, Bradlow]... Full Story

July 6 2015

WCAI recaps summer events in California... Full Story

June 30 2015

Companies know they want cross-functional analytics teams, but it's easier said than done. So what's the latest excitement around MBAs and analytics team-building? WCAI and Deloitte Analytics discuss recent trends from their different vantages... Full Story

June 19 2015

WCAI's Pete Fader to teach online course that reviews growth opportunities by identifying the most valuable customers ... Full Story

June 9 2015

Online Search & Offline Retail: Kirthi Kalyanam Answers New Questions on Large Scale Experiments on Full Story

May 26 2015

As spring gets ready to turn into summer, it can only mean one thing: That MBA programs around the country are about to unleash their latest graduates, with many determined to land a job in marketing. To find out what this batch expects from the world, Marketing Daily checks in with Eric T. Bradlow, chair of the marketing department at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.... Full Story

May 20 2015

All Is Not Lost: Finding Value In Marketing Attribution Data

In a post for the International Institute for Analytics, Bill Franks takes some inspiration from recent conferences, including WCAI’s Successful Applications of Customer Analytics last April, in a follow-up feature on insights from aggregate vs. individual-level data in marketing attribution... Full Story

May 11 2015

Checkout Marketing Matters from 5-7pm ET on Wednesday, May 13. Guests include executives from Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, LuckyVitamin (GNC), and more!... Full Story

April 27 2015

Thanks for joining Friday’s webinar with Bazaarvoice: He Sad, She Bought: Analyzing the Impact of User-Generated Reviews on Purchase Behavior! If you missed the event, you can review the recording at the BazaarVoice Research Opportunity page. We are accepting proposal submissions until May 11, 2015. Full details and announcement below.... Full Story

April 20 2015

WCAI is hosting Marketing Matters from 5-7pm ET on Wednesday, April 22. We’ll be previewing our annual conference on Successful Applications of Customer Analytics on April 30 in Philadelphia! ... Full Story

April 1 2015

“Business Foundations” Specialization

We’re gearing up for the launch of the Business Foundations Specialization, which kicks off on April 6 with an Introduction to Marketing led by WCAI’s Pete Fader and Professors Barbara Kahn and David Bell... Full Story

March 27 2015

Wharton Magazine has a great roundup of the Wharton Data and Analytics Club (WDAC) data visualization hackathon. Organizer and MBA student, Isabelle Park, reviews the importance of communicating findings to different stakeholders and how she built this into the Hackathon WDAC hosted on February 27.... Full Story

March 23 2015

Hear case studies from Google, Netflix, Teradata Corporation, Jamba Juice, Buxton, Nielsen, Cablevision, USAA, and ... Full Story

March 16 2015

Annalect hopes to improve attribution models and understand an ad's role in purchase. Dataset includes 30 million ad exposures and 1 million conversions for 10.8 million cookies over 60 days.... Full Story

March 13 2015

Event Recap. On February 24, Mark Pincus (W’88), founder of Superlabs and Zynga held a Leadership Lecture co-sponsored with WCAI. The talk underscored the importance of experiments in product management & development. Students followed-up with questions on investment and valuation metrics, Mark's professional trajectory, and even personal advice. ... Full Story

February 2 2015

WCAI’s Eric Bradlow on Making Big Data Small Data

​Making Big Data Small Data. WCAI’s Eric Bradlow discusses data compression, how it makes for a better (and more creative) approach to analysis, and how it may be the future given privacy concerns.... Full Story

December 23 2014

Are Your Customers Clumpy?

If you’ve ever spent a weekend binge-watching a season of “Breaking Bad” or some other series on streaming video, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re certainly not alone. Whole sections of the population are consuming digital products and services in a “clumping” pattern that features extended periods of inactivity punctuated by short, intense buying bursts. Once marketers realize this — and they already have the data in hand to track it — they could mine a rich, new digital behavior vein, with implications for extending the RFM model to include C for "Clumpiness"--RFMC.... Full Story

December 19 2014

New Webinar Sponsored by Equilar: Understanding the Interplay between Boards, Executives, and Company Performance. The dataset includes information on the executive leadership and board membership of over 9,000 companies and more than 150,000 individuals.... Full Story

December 11 2014

How Barnes & Noble Can Recover

Now that Barnes & Noble and Microsoft have parted ways on a partnership to produce and sell the Nook e-reader, the book retailer is yet again faced with having to reimagine its business model for an increasingly tech-centric world. For inspiration, it should look no further than the coffee shops inside many of its stores, according to Wharton marketing professor Peter Fader... Full Story