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2018 Industrial Products & Services
Collaborative Research Opportunity: Customer Lifetime Value for Business-to-Business Customers

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2018 Specialty Retail
Research Opportunity

WCAI is pleased to announce a new data set provided by Majid Al Futtaim, a major lifestyle and retail conglomerate in the Middle East.

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2018 Video Gaming
Collaborative Research Opportunity

WCAI and Electronic Arts (EA) are announcing a new program that will give scholars an unprecedented opportunity to work directly with data scientists at EA.

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2016 Financial Services
Identifying & Maintaining Great Financial Advisors

Announcing a new research opportunity sponsored by a leader in the financial services industry

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2016 Financial Services
Economic Behaviors of Customers for Financial Products Over Time

The sponsor is seeking new ways to leverage their data for matching consumers to credit services.

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2016 Video Gaming
Purchase, Play, and Upgrade Data for Video Game Players

Researchers can explore the relationship between usage and renewal behavior and the use of text-mining methods to characterize survey data.

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2015 Supply Chain
Purchase Histories and Product Supply Data for Restaurant Chain

Dataset includes 10K restaurants across 4 regions & all individual customer purchases over 2 years

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2015 e-Commerce
Impact of Online Reviews on Purchase Behavior

Products viewed, reviews read, and purchases made by customers at a big-box retailer.

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2015 Advertising
Display Ads and Customer Conversion

30 million ad exposures and 1 million conversions for 10.8 million cookies over 60 days.

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2015 Executive Governance
Corporate Mgmt & Board Analysis

Annual mgmt & board members for 9K companies for 14 years, including compensation.

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2014 Software
Software Subscription Analysis

Purchases, free trials, renewals and "heartbeat" updates for 80K customers for 8 years.

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2014 International Beauty Retail
International Beauty Retail Data

Four years retail transactions & marketing views covering 6 countries, 85K customers.

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2014 Specialty Retail
Identifying Customer "Projects"

60K customers, individual items purchased (24-months). Also product attributes, sales, and marketing data.

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2014 Video Gaming
Multiplayer Game Analysis

1.5 million players of an online war game & individual stats from 150K play sessions.

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2013 Financial Services
Predicting Major Life Changes

100K customers and all transactions with a financial institution over 3 years.

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2013 Coalition Loyalty (multi-sector)
Analysis of Loyalty Program

In/out-of-network transaction and reward redemption histories for 14K accounts.

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2012 Automotive
Satisfaction in Retail Transactions

Transaction histories and customer/employee survey results for 3K locations for two years.

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2012 Utility
SmartMeters and Energy Consumption

Hourly energy usage and rebates for 30K Northern California residents for 36 months.

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2012 Specialty Retail
4Ps Data for Multi-Brand Retailer

Complete purchase histories and ad exposures for 42K customers over a two-year period.

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2012 FMCG
If You "Like," Will You Buy?

Ad exposures (TV, online, and social) and all purchases for 30K households for approx. 2 years.

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2012 Broadcast
Predicting Acquisition & Retention

Listening logs and interactions with the company for 300K listeners for one year.

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2011 Disaster Relief Services
Cultivating Disaster Donors

Donation histories and direct marketing for 500K people who donated after two disasters.

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2011 Tourism & Hospitality
Consumer Response to Search Results

Logs leading up to conversion (or not) for 10K US-based users searching for hotels.

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2011 Sports & Entertainment
Relationship Marketing

Full history of emails, promotions, and transactions (including "near-purchases").

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2010 Advertising
Display and Search Advertising

Display & search click-throughs, tracked by specific site, for 3K users for 3 months.

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