Innovative Research Partners

Solve complex data and business challenges through a carefully structured research opportunity with WCA’s global consortium of 3,700+ top-tier academic researchers who use innovative approaches to analyze data.


Innovate business intelligence: Champion the creation of innovative business intelligence tools for your marketing and business practices

Validate business practices: Leverage empirical evidence derived from data analytics to validate your business practices and decision making

Crowdsource proposals: Crowdsource research proposals from 3,700+ academics from leading global institutions to address your business challenges


“The Annalect research project was an incredible partnership and a great success. It took literally more than a year of work, and I cannot express how impressed I was with the results of this collaboration. WCA’s work, supervision, guidance, and project leadership were a bright example of excellence.”

Anna Nicanorova, WG’11 Vice President
Engineering Annalect, an Omnicom Media Group Company