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The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative is looking to provide implementable solutions to companies who are ready to bring their most pressing marketing and analytics problems, and a committed point person, “to the table.”  WCAI wants to help push your company to the next level of critical decision-making, informed by your customer data and the Initiative’s deep knowledge of best practices in customer analytics methods.  Whether you have data to analyze, or are in need of a road map to begin, WCAI wants to hear from you.

We are looking for problems that fall into any of the following tracks:


Includes problems where the company is in the early stages of developing a long-term analytics plan or seeks strategic direction upon which to launch and prioritize its data collection activities.  Data collection is not included in this track and would be completed by the company after the project.  Deliverables will be a plan format.

Examples include:

  • Design of data-driven marketing solution
  • Field experiment design
  • Determining what data to collect and available third-party data
  • CRM system or data infrastructure architecture


Includes problems that require data collection and descriptive analysis.  Potential next steps will be presented as suggestions beyond the project. Deliverables will be in the form of a data file.

Examples include:

  • Survey design and implementation
  • Web scraping to capture and append external third-party data to internal company data
  • Connecting, merging, and aggregating multiple data sources
  • Conjoint Analysis to understand product attribute preferences among a customer base
  • Holdout tests to measure email campaign profitability


Includes problems where the company has already captured data, but the next steps are not clear.  This track may include data cleaning, documenting, identifying and fitting of predictive models to company data.  Deliverables might be in the form of code and a plan document.

Examples include:

  • Customer segmentation and understanding CLV and drivers of churn
  • Identifying areas for customer acquisition
  • Estimating and increasing share of wallet
  • Targeted marketing tailoring for individual customers
  • Understanding the mechanisms and effects of a loyalty program
  • Brand analysis
  • Develop and optimize pricing for existing and new products
  • Advertising attribution and omnichannel marketing
  • Machine learning and NLP for text analysis



Companies are welcome to apply starting June 17.

Who is Eligible

Companies from all industries, sectors, and stages of growth are welcome. No geographic restrictions apply.

Must be able to offer a company representative who can commit to a minimum of 10 hours/week for 5 weeks, and must be available on the following dates & times:

  • Monday, September 30
  • Weekly meetings with student teams from October 1– November 1
  • Friday, November 8

How to define your business problem

When applying the Analytics Accelerator Challenge, companies should ask themselves the following; what do you want to achieve through the project and does your company have data to support it?

Examples of Companies selected from previous Years

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companies not selected

Companies that are not selected for the Analytics Accelerator Challenge will be considered for other data projects at WCAI including Wharton Analytics Fellows projects, datathons, workshops, and more.

Application Deadline: July 31

Applications will be accepted through July 31 by 11:59 PM EST

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