The Analytics Accelerator is coming back for another year!

Wharton Customer Analytics is looking to provide implementable solutions to companies who are ready to bring their most pressing marketing and analytics problems, and a committed point person, “to the table.”  WCA wants to help push your company to the next level of critical decision-making, informed by your customer data and the center’s deep knowledge of best practices in customer analytics methods. Whether you have data to analyze or are in need of a road map to begin, WCA wants to hear from you.

Student Applications for Spring 2020 are now open

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Why The Analytics Accelerator?

How the Analytics Accelerator Works


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Why WCA?

Wharton Customer Analytics has provided thought leadership on the practice of data-driven business decisions to industry and academia since 2008. Through our broad network of top companies spanning a wide spectrum of sectors, WCA has fostered opportunities for experiential learning and innovation in analytics for students and faculty. 

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