As companies turn to their data to make critical business decisions, demand has skyrocketed for individuals with top-tier technical skills to manage, organize, and analyze this information.

The Undergraduate Research Assistant program at WCAI allows undergraduates to hone their data skills and work with actual, real-world company data, as well as gain exclusive insight into today’s business issues. Research Assistants are asked to:

  • Organize and analyze data for Research Opportunities
  • Collect and compile outside data as requested from academic research teams
  • Estimate statistical models
  • Develop reports with real-world strategic conclusions
  • Attend the closing symposium and meet the data sponsor

For more information on student programs, contact Rocco Spinelli.

Students interested in applying to become Research Assistants should have experience in at least one of the following: SQL, database administration, R programming, data visualization, or developing consulting reports. Applicants should submit a resume and statement of interest to