Career Paths

Sandy Ono

As a management consultant with Deloitte Consulting, Sandy helps CMOs in the tech and media industries improve their operations and marketing strategies to maximize customer value. She’s led projects for Fortune 500 companies focused on centralizing marketing functions, driving marketing spend efficiency and ROI, re-engineering marketing and sales operations processes, enabling cost restructuring, and supporting large scale mergers and acquisitions.... Read More ➔

Jonathan Karmel

As a Product Manager in Data & Analytics for Google Play, Jonathan’s team is focused on transforming unstructured data into business insights through a process that includes data warehousing, metrics standardization, predictive modeling and data visualization. Jonathan’s role involves deciding on meaningful metrics that can be applied across the business.... Read More ➔

Joshua Kanter

As steward of Caesars Total Rewards loyalty program—the company’s key mechanism for collecting customer data—Joshua was responsible for engaging customers with a highly personalized Caesars experience. Over the past few years, his role has evolved and grown to also include marketing operations, marketing technology, interactive CRM, Big Data, marketing capabilities, payments and consumer insights. He supervises over 400 people across four cities, and the team delivers about 750 million pieces of direct marketing each year.... Read More ➔

Andy Granowitz

Currently with Wagon in San Francisco, Andy has previously worked as a Developer Advocate on the Google Analytics (GA) team, Andy promoted the GA developer platform through education and outreach, building developer tools, and working with companies on customized integrations. ... Read More ➔