Amazon Lex is a service for building sophisticated, natural language chatbots.  More and more, real businesses are leveraging this technology to automate and enhance customer communications.

In this workshop, you will learn how to build a text-based conversational chatbot using Amazon Lex, the same deep learning technologies and natural language understanding (NLU) that power Amazon Alexa.  You will run Python code in the cloud to execute business logic using Amazon Lambda, and then integrate your chatbot with Twilio to access your bot via text messaging.

This workshop will provide hands-on walkthroughs of multiple custom bots.


  • Introduction to chatbots and common use cases
  • Overview of Amazon Lex and chatbot architecture
  • Building a chatbot
  • Running Python code in the cloud using AWS Lambda
  • Accessing your chatbot via text messaging using Twilio

You will also get exposure to web scraping using the Beautiful Soup package for Python.

Prior knowledge of Python is helpful but not expected or required.


This workshop will be hosted in a Wharton lab so a personal computer will not be needed.  You will need a personal Amazon Web Services account and a personal Twilio account.

Please have both accounts set up before coming to the workshop.

Email any questions on topic, background, or requirements to

Lex Workshop - Spring 2018

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