Corporate Partnerships

Many businesses have come to the recent realization that customer analytics is at the heart of what will give them a competitive edge, yet they are often stymied by their inability to pursue sophisticated modeling tasks to address critical strategic questions. Responding to this need, WCAI helps companies leverage their customer-level datasets by serving as a “matchmaker” between these firms and top scholars from multiple disciplines (e.g. marketing, information systems, computer science, operations research) around the world. Through the WCAI, academics and skilled practitioners collaborate to ask and answer tough data-driven questions; in the course of this dialog, WCAI promotes the development of new analytic methods that are both rigorous and relevant. We also “translate” these research findings, making them accessible to managerial audiences, including high-level executives and analytics professionals.

Contact Colleen O’Neill, WCAI Executive Director, if you would like to speak directly about partnership opportunities.

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