Tranforming Business Through Customer Data

Connecting Academics and Industry

Top scholars from around the world collaborate with WCAI Corporate Partners to analyze critical business questions.

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Unique and Innovative Research Process

WCAI is transforming the future of business with novel approaches to customer analytics research.

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Identifying Opportunities to Monetize Data

WCAI facilitates original, cutting-edge projects with individual-level data to inform future business strategy.

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Knowledge Creation Impacting Practice

Business leaders gain dynamic new perspectives on data-driven decision making.

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Educating the Next Generation of Analytics Leadership

Students across Penn's campus engage with executives from leading companies to discuss analytics challenges and issues.

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Upcoming Webinar!

Understanding, Expanding, and Predicting Customer Engagement

A WCAI Research Opportunity Sponsored by an International Beauty Retailer

Webinar: October 17, 2014,  Noon – 1 pm US Eastern

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The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative is excited to announce a unique dataset from an International Beauty Retailer that allows for an unprecedented view into how customers’ relationships with a retail brand evolve.


Finding a Place for Market Research in a Big Data, Tech-enabled World
Knowledge@Wharton contemplates if companies are still willing to invest in market research with so much big data available.  WCAI Co-Directors Eric Bradlow and Pete Fader comment [more]

Tom Davenport, WCAI Annual Conference Keynote,  Offers Lessons on Big Data Marketing
Tom Davenport, Wall Street Journal Guest Contributor,  attended  two customer analytic conferences over a course of a few weeks, including WCAI’s Annual Conference,  and lists lessons  learned from these events [more]